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Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of 10 credit hours including seminar.

The required courses are:

  • NR 500, Natural Resources Management – 3 credit hours;
  • NR 571 Current Issues in Natural Resource Policy – 3 credit hours;
  • A graduate level statistics course – 3 credit hours; and
  • The graduate seminar – 1 credit hour.

Students in each technical option are required to present the results of their thesis or project in an open seminar. All full-time students in the Master of Natural Resources program are encouraged to attend departmental seminars each semester they are enrolled in the program.

A limited number of 400 level courses from departments other than the major department may count toward the degree requirements. Note that the courses listed within each technical option may have prerequisites. In general, these prerequisites would be required in addition to core and technical option courses. Course substitutions must be approved by the student’s committee.

NOTE: Under certain circumstances, a NR Masters student’s committee may allow 1) one substitution for either NR 500 or NR 571 (but not both); and/or 2) the seminar. This substitutions must be in writing (hard copy or email) from the student’s major advisor to the Director of Graduate Programs stating that the committee approved the substitution of (course prefix, number, and title) for NR 500 or NR 571 or the seminar. The major advisor must also provide a brief explanation/justification for the course substitution.

More Information:

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